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OOOB booked/doorstop
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Ooob bookend/doorstop
A modern design classic, the Ooob effectively combines aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality, all at an accessible price. To find out more read below.

Product Info
Aesthetic: The sumptuous, geometric form combined with the Ooob's functionality make it a modern design classic.
Multi-functional: The Ooob can be used as a bookend, doorstop, paper-weight or even as sculptural decoration.
Ergonomic: As a doorstop the Ooob's smooth, curved profile eliminates catch points meaning no more stubbed toes.
Staying Power: When in use as a doorstop the Ooob’s streamlined form and heavy weight minimise any chance of you knocking it out of place by accident.
Thoughtful: Unlike wedges the Ooob does not damage the bottom edge of doors.
Gentle: Unlike wedges the Ooob's rubber skin doesn't scratch your floors, doors or furniture.
Tactile: The Ooob feels pleasing to the touch. It's almost a shame to keep it on the floor.

Colours: Black, grey, red, deep pink
Dimensions: ~L23xH7xD7cm                       Weight: ~1.0kg                       Materials: Steel core, silicone rubber outer

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