HeadSprung, India and a Modern Interpretation of Handicrafts

HeadSprung is on a mission to revolutionise handicrafts.  We believe there is a beauty in the handmade object that cannot be replicated by mass production.  It is a beauty that is born from not only the physical aesthetic of the object, but from the tacit knowledge of the skills and mastery that is utilised in its making.  To this end, we employ those same traditional manufacturing techniques that were used to make those chintzy souvenirs and quaint home decor products that our parents used to display on the mantelpiece, and manipulate them to create beautiful, thoughtful homewares and lighting with a contemporary aesthetic and modern sensibility.

We have spent a lot of time scouring the Earth to find the right manufacturing partners who share in our vision of well designed and beautifully crafted products.  This is led us to many weird and wonderful places… but our strongest attraction has been to India.  Maybe this is because our Founder, Hemal Patel, is of Indian heritage, but whether by chance or by kismet we have found that our most fruitful relationships have been with those in this subcontinent. 

During our many trips we have found India to provide a rich and colourful history of handicrafts and artisanship.  It is a culture steeped in artistry, architecture and heritage, all of which were created off the back of skilled crafts people.  From the brassware of Moradabad, to the glassware of Firozabad, to the stoneware of Agra and Jaipur, we have found in India a vibrant, varied and skilled network of production partners.  Some of these partners are established companies with large facilities, and others are independent workers we have found in the back streets, but one thing that unites us all is our passion for authentic, handmade goods.

As we grows we will leverage our partners to produce even more beautiful, inspiring products.  Watch this space for all the new developments at HeadSprung, www.headsprung.co.uk.


HeadSprung’s current tally of handmade products:

- Ribbon coat rack
- Mini Ribbon coat rack
- Swirl tealight holder
- Cosmic Jar lantern
- Galaxy Dome table light



Moments From Our Many Trips To India

The ornate grandeur of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur


Searching for hidden treasures in Moradabad


The construction of the Ribbon coat rack begins with the first bend...


Hemal Patel
Hemal Patel