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The Mini Ribbon is a beautiful, contemporary, wall-mounted coat rack whose design was inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind. At face value the Mini Ribbon is an attractive wall decoration, but in reality it is a functional, practical, everyday storage solution for the whole family.



The Mini Ribbon is a perfect example of functional art, that is to say, it is an aesthetic object that serves an utilitarian purpose.

The Mini Ribbon is:
  • Sculptural wall art when void of coats
  • Perfect for family homes as it can hold up to 4 coats, plus scarves, umbrellas, hats, etc.
  • Great for adding a splash of colour in the hallway or as an accent piece in the kitchen 


Compact: The Mini Ribbon is great for smaller spaces as it is a compact version of the Ribbon coat rack.
Easy-to-Install: Mini Ribbon installs quickly and easily using 3 colour-matching screws and wall plugs (supplied).
Practical: The Mini Ribbon coat rack is suitable for most families as it can hold up to 4 coats, plus other items like scarves, umbrellas and hats.
Wall Art: The Mini Ribbon crosses the divide between art and function - when in use it is a sensible storage solution for your hallway, but when free from coats it is elegant, sculptural wall art.

Hand-made: Each unit is hand-made, in limited numbers, by craftsmen in India. (Please note: because of the human element involved in production no two units are 100% identical).

Product Specifications

Colours: Weathered bronze, black, white, red, yellow.
(Note: the weathered bronze paint varies in colour from very dark opaque bronze to a lighter bronze colour that is slightly transparent allowing the grain structure of the metal to show through, adding to it's worn, antique feel).
Dimensions: ~L60 x H15 x D10cm
Weight: ~0.75kg
Materials: Powder coated mild steel

Rated: 5 / 5 based on 12 customer reviews

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