ORISHE Vase (B-Grade)

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Orishe is an elegant, decorative ceramic vase that takes inspiration from Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. It's beautiful, undulating form and the contrast of light and shadow off it's multi-faceted structure make it a truly unique and eye-catching piece; that is why it is as beautiful with flowers as it is without.



The understated elegance of Orishe makes it the perfect adornment for any room.

Place it on:
  • The mantlepiece to add a dash of sophistication to the living room
  • The dining table for decoration during the day
  • The windowsill to allow the flower to bask in the sunlight 


Aesthetic: Orishe’s twisting form adds to its allure and ensures it looks great from every angle... that is why it is as beautiful with flowers as it is without.
Quality: Made from bone china to ensure high quality and offer the thinnest viable wall thickness for a ceramic product (to mirror the thickness of paper).

Product Specifications

Colours: Glossy white
Dimensions: ~H20.5 x Dia10cm
Weight: ~0.4kg
Materials: Bone China

Note: "Seconds" (i.e. B-Grade) are products that have small cosmetic flaws, e.g. small dust particles in the ceramic or glaze, 1-2 small chips (up to 8mm in diameter), slight uneven glazes in 1-2 spots, etc. Though the "seconds" have cosmetic flaws they function just as well as the standard, good product. 
Seconds are sold in B-Grade packaging. For example, the packaging may be dented, marked or slightly soiled.

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