RIBBON Coat Rack (B-Grade)

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The Ribbon is a beautiful, contemporary coat rack for the modern home. Inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind, it attempts to bridge the gap between function and art - it is a practical, everyday storage solution when in use, and sculptural wall art when free from coats. It is designed with the family in mind and can hold 5 coats, plus scarves, umbrellas, etc.



The Ribbon coat rack’s organic form and designer styling is sure to impress visitors to your home.

The Ribbon can be used:
  • To add a splash colour to porches and hallways
  • As an accent piece in kitchens or bedrooms
  • To add that ‘wow’ factor to any room


        Easy-to-Install: Ribbon installs quickly and easily using 4 screws and wall plugs (supplied). Each screw is powder-coated to colour match the coat rack, to provide a seamless, quality finish.
        Practical: The Ribbon coat rack is suitable for the average family as it can hold up to 5 coats, plus other items like scarves, umbrellas, hats, etc.
        Wall Art: The Ribbon crosses the divide between art and function - when in use it is a sensible storage solution for your hallway, but when free from coats it is elegant, sculptural wall art.

        Hand-made: Each unit is hand-made, in limited numbers, by craftsmen in India. (Please note: because of the human element involved in production no two units are 100% identical).

        Product Specifications

        Colours: Weathered bronze, black, white, red, yellow.
        (Note: the weathered bronze paint varies in colour from very dark opaque bronze to a lighter bronze colour that is slightly transparent allowing the grain structure of the metal to show through, adding to it's worn, antique feel).
        Dimensions: ~L90 x H20 x D12cm
        Weight: ~1.1kg
        Materials: Powder coated mild steel

        Note: "Seconds" (i.e. B-Grade) are products that have small cosmetic flaws, e.g. small dirt particles in the paint coating, light scratch marks, small dents, slightly non-uniform/patchy paint or blobs in one or two areas, etc. Though the "seconds" have cosmetic flaws they function just as well as the standard, good product. 
        Seconds are sold in unlabelled, B-Grade packaging. For example, the packaging may be torn, marked or soiled.

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