FLUTTER Sound Absorbing Panels

by: HeadSprung


Flutter Sound Absorbing Panels are inspired by petals quivering in the wind, and the flocks of lily pads that blanket the surface of a pond. Designed to be both decorative and functional, they can be installed in locations where sound pollution is a problem. Often times, in offices, reception areas or other commercial settings, large exposed hard surfaces tend to reflect sound. Our felt-made panels help to absorb or dissipate some of this sound, producing a calmer environment for work or relaxation.



Flutter wall panels are designed with a simple, uncluttered aesthetic that is ideal for contemporary design schemes. They are intended to be installed in clusters to create an attractive backdrop.

Installation suggestions:
  • Individual units can be mounted next to each other, or with a slight overlap, to create the perfect aesthetic
  • Increasing the quantity of units will improve sound proofing
  • For the best results, and most dramatic visuals, cover entire areas with a high density of units, in a variety of sizes and colours


Adapatable: Flutter is available in 2 versions – wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended. The former attaches to walls using a simple magnetic system, whereas the latter uses suspension cables and wall fixings to allow height adjustable installation.
 Special brackets are available that allow units to be installed overlapping each other, to achieve more appealing effects and better sound proofing
Dramatic: Users can install a small quantity of units for a simple, uncluttered look, or can cover entire surfaces for a stunning visual spectacle and improved sound management.
Thoughtful: Flutter is made of polyester, from recycled bottles
Customisable: Custom colours available on request. Minimum quantities apply.
Versatile: Suitable for contract, hospitality, work, leisure and domestic markets.

Product Specifications

Colours: Dark grey with light grey backing, light grey with dark grey backing.  Other colours available on request.
Dimensions: Medium ~Dia40 x H6.5cm, Large ~Dia60 x H5.5cm 
Weight: Medium ~0.4kg, Large ~0.8kg
Materials: Recycled PET

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