THE OOOB Doorstop/Bookend

by: HeadSprung


The Ooob is an award-winning doorstop and bookend. It is that wonderful combination of beauty and brains: its gorgeous form and perfect proportions make it pleasing to the eye, whilst its clever use of materials and ergonomic design make it easy and safe to use.    



There's more to the Ooob than meets the eye.

Did you know:
  • Its streamlined, geometric form eliminates catch points and, thus, any chance of accidentally stubbing your toes 
  • Its silicone skin is gentle on wooden floors and laminated doors
  • It can be used as a doorstop or a bookend or even a paper weight 


Aesthetic: The sumptuous, geometric form combined with the Ooob's functionality make it a modern design classic.
Multi-functional: The Ooob can be used as a bookend, doorstop, paper-weight or even as sculptural decoration. 
Staying Power: When in use as a doorstop the Ooob’s streamlined form and heavy weight minimise any chance of you knocking it out of place by accident.
Thoughtful: Unlike wedges the Ooob does not damage the bottom edge of doors.
Tactile: The Ooob feels pleasing to the touch. It's almost a shame to keep it on the floor.

Product Specifications

Colours: Black, grey, red, deep pink
Dimensions: ~L23 x H7 x D7cm
Weight: ~1.0kg
Materials: Steel core, silicone rubber outer

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