STRING LIGHTS (Mains-Operated)

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These mains-operated string lights are perfect for elevating the beauty of tabletop displays, Christmas decorations or floral arrangements. The lights are made of multiple short lengths of string lights (from 0.8-1m long) which are bunched together to give a total of 125, 200 or 350 LEDs per bunch. Users can choose to wrap each string around individual items (like branches of a tree), or they can drape all the strings over the display. These mains-operated string lights can be used with dimmer switches to allow total control over the brightness of the lights.



The starry string lights are a simple and effective way of creating beautiful, eye-catching displays.

Did you know:

  • The strings are flexible enough to take any form, yet durable enough to allow reshaping
  • With the optional dimmer switch the brightness of the LEDs can be controlled from faint to bright
  • The LEDs are very energy efficient, meaning they don't get hot and are very cheap to run


    Flexible: The LED string lights are bendable and can be wrapped around or weaved through decorative objects such as table decorations, Christmas trees, etc.
    Efficient: The LEDs dissipate very little heat and are energy efficient, using only 6-12W of power.
    Safe: The low power consumption makes the string lights suitable for use over extended periods of time, without worry of the surfaces getting hot to the touch or your electricity bills soaring. The light can be used on long, dark winter evening, during dinner parties or even as night lights.
    Controllable: Each string right set is supplied with an inline dimmer switch to allow full brightness control of the LEDs

    Product Specifications

    Colours: Silver wire/warm white light
    Dimensions: String length 1.2-1.6m
    Weight: 125 LEDs 0.2kg, 200 LEDs 0.3kg, 350 LEDs 0.4kg
    Materials: Steel and plastic
    Note: Our string lights are manufactured to the highest quality standards. This item is also known as naked string lights, bare wire string lights, micro-LED string lights and starry string lights.

    IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: We do not ship this item outside of the EU.
    If you are based outside of the EU and would like to purchase this item please contact us for further advice.

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