SWIRL Tealight Holder

by: HeadSprung


Swirl is a set of 6 tealight holders whose forms are inspired by flourishing swirls and the art of paper quilling. It's modular design allows users to arrange the parts in any pattern desired, to suit the decor and ambiance of a room. Best of all, each Swirl can accommodate both tealights or candle sticks for greater flexibility.



Arrange and rearrange the individual parts to create beautiful, graphical patterns to decorate empty, boring tabletops.

Did you know:
  • Each Swirl can hold a tealght or a candle stick
  • The tealight 'cups' are designed to capture dripping wax, thereby saving your granny's favourite table linen
  • Each Swirl can be flipped upside down to allow the creation of even more patterns


Artistic: Swirl is functional art - it is designed to be an enchanting tealight holder when in use, and an attractive table decoration without tealights.
Hand-made: Each unit is crafted by skilled artisans in India. (Please note: Because of the human element involved in production no two units are 100% identical, and small flaws may be visible in the metal).
Customisable: Users can position the various components any way they wish to achieve the look and feel they desire - cluster all 6 components together for a decorative centre piece, or place them individually around a room for ambience.
Thoughtful: Unlike traditional candelabras which can impede one’s view across the table, the Swirl’s low profile negates this problem allowing users to fully enjoy their conversations.

Product Specifications

Colours: Polished stainless steel or matte copper (coming soon)
Dimensions: ~L35 x H4 x D12cm
Weight: ~0.8kg
Materials: Stainless steel
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