DRIP Magnetic Strip

by: HeadSprung


Taking the form of a brush stroke, the Drip magnetic strip is a fun and functional wall-mounted magnetic notice board that can be used to store and organise notes, messages, lists and reminders. It is supplied with 4 super-strong magnets to help you stay organised.



The Drip magnetic strip adds both whimsy and practicality to any setting.

Use it in:
  • The hallway to communicate messages between family members
  • The kitchen to hold shopping lists, recipes or newspaper cuttings
  • The home office to display phone message, to-do lists or business cards


Functional: The 4 strong neodymium magnets (supplied) help you organise your notes, messages and reminders in a quick and simple manner.
Easy-to-Install: Each Drip is supplied with double-sided foam tape which allows installation on the wall quickly and easily.
Locally Manufactured: Made in the UK to support UK manufacturing and reduce carbon miles.

Product Specifications

Colours: Red, yellow, purple, blue
Dimensions: ~L40 x H13.5 x D0.2cm
Weight: ~0.35kg
Materials: Powder coated mild steel

Rated: 4 / 5 based on 1 customer reviews

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