STRATA Magazine Rack

by: HeadSprung


Strata is a simple, functional desktop magazine rack that is inspired by pages of a book and the variation of colour between layers of sedimentary rock. It is designed to be compact (it can hold up to 12 magazines) and provides an attractive, space-saving storage solution.



A smarter way to organise your magazines.

Did you know:
  • The Strata can hold up to 12 magazines in a small space
  • Strata's open sides allow wide or oversized literature to be stored
  • If you keep Strata on your desk you can use it's front surface as a magnetic noticeboard to hold and display notes, messages and lists 


Functional: Strata's compact design provides a small footprint to save space.
Accommodating: Strata's open sides allows storage of wide and oversized magazines or newspapers.
Non-slip: 4 anti-slip feet protect both the product and the desktop, and prevent Strata from moving when inserting and removing magazines.

Product Specifications

Colours: Red (3 shades)
Dimensions: ~W25 x H25 x D19cm
Weight: ~2.3kg
Materials: Powder coated mild steel

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