About Us

Founded by design engineer Hemal Patel, HeadSprung! is a London-based practice specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories, furniture and lighting. We take mundane, everyday objects and inject them with fun, flair and functionality to create products that look beautiful, work effortlessly and are reasonably priced. 


Our Mission

To make good design more visible and accessible to the masses.


Our Inspiration

Our inspiration draws from our compulsive need to make things better, and from the continuous change in consumers tastes and the market’s ever-changing trends.

We at HeadSprung! believe that good design is a universal right, that it should neither discriminate nor be the privilege of just the affluent, and that it should make lives easier and happier. Thus, we endeavour to create products for you that combine global styles, beauty and functionality at accessible prices.


Our Products

The essence of HeadSprung! is to design and manufacture stunning, high quality interior accessories with the greatest attention to detail. Our distinctive collection of unique home and office accessories, backed by exceptional service, has delighted our customers around the world.

All our designs begin life as a sketch on paper, before being translated into models, and then manufactured with precision and the upmost care. We intend to keep adding interesting, unique products to our range as we are always listening to feedback from our expanding and active customer base. Make sure you join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook or Twitter so we can keep you in the loop as new products hit the market. 


Our Design Ethos

At HeadSprung! we believe in functional, stylish and fun to use. We only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques to provide products of the highest calibre. Wherever possible, we use sustainable materials, right down to the packaging our products come in. We hate unnecessary waste so we reuse and recycle as much as we can.