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As a design practice, who's background is firmly rooted in engineering, we provide consultancy services to other creative businesses. By understanding your business and your customers we will work with you to provide solutions that add value to your business. If you would like to talk to us about any new projects you are working on, please write to us at:


Design Evaluation

We believe successful, progressive design results from a holistic consideration of the supply chain, from cradle-to-cradle. To do this, we have identified four factors that allow us to efficiently and effectively evaluate new product developments. They are product manufacturability, desirability, visibility and accessibility. Manufacturability concerns all elements involved in the design and development of products for manufacturing. This includes materials, processes, environmental impact, costs, etc. Desirability eludes to product aesthetics, functionality and influence on lifestyle. Visibility refers to a comprehensive sales and marketing campaign, and accessibility encompasses both the distribution network and the pricing strategy.

Evaluating design in this way can be critical to the success of any new product. It is something we do with great vigour, in all the work we undertake, as it allows us to better strategise individual projects and gauge the potential of the products we bring to market.