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by HeadSprung


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The Cosmic Jar is a portable, battery-operated lantern. It consists of a beautiful, vintage Mason Jar housing a 40 LED string light. When the string is switched on each LED illuminates with a soft warm glow. The collective effect of the many LEDs is the appearance of a 'cosmos of stars' (or a swarm of fireflies) trapped in a jar.

The Cosmic Jar is also supplied with a tealight holder which can replace the LED string light. This extends the use of the jar to a hurricane tealight lantern.

The Cosmic Jar comes with a
 lid and handle. The lid protects the circuitry from the elements and, thus, allows the product to be used indoors and out.



The Cosmic Jar is a cool and unusual way of providing extra light.

One jar, many applications:
  • At garden parties place jars on tables, around the garden, or hang from tree branches to provide additional light in the evening
  • At night place jars along both sides of paths or walkways to illuminate the way in the darkness, whilst adding a touch of beauty and romance
  • Use for decoration by removing the lights and arranging a floral or candle display within the jar
  • Perfect for Halloween or Christmas decorations


Clever: A unique design feature has the battery pack stowed under the lid, out of sight. This means all you see is a beautiful, chaotic arrangement of lights within the jar.
Dual Personality: Should you want a change from the LED string light you can exchange that setup for the tea light holder supplied. It is cleverly designed to allow tea lights to be inserted and removed from the jar even if they are alight.
Outdoorsy: With the lid screwed on the Cosmic Jar is splash resistant and, thus, suitable for outdoor use.
Portable: Cosmic Jar is supplied with a handle which makes it easy to transport or hang on hooks or branches. The handle is also easily removed for a simple, unclutter look.
Multi-functional: Cosmic Jar can be used for many things, including as a plant pot, dry food or general storage, etc.

Product Specifications

Colours: Transparent/distressed cream lid
Dimensions: ~L15 x H20 x D15cm
Weight: ~1.0kg
Materials: Glass and mild steel