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The Flutter Pendant Light is inspired by petals quivering in the wind, and the flocks of water lilies that overrun the surface of a pond. It is specifically designed for rooms with low ceilings, and is meant to be installed in clusters to create a dramatic focal point for the room.



The Flutter has a simple aesthetic that is designed for versatility.

Designed with purpose:
  • Its low profile form is designed to work well and look great in rooms with low ceilings
  • Its 'open' design means light is evenly projected all round, making it perfect for dark or high usage rooms
  • Its simple form can be used to make a spectacular focal point by installing units are various heights in a cluster


Crafted: Each Flutter is hand beaten to produce the beautiful, textured finish on the surface of the shade. The largest version of Flutter is hammered over 200 times to produce this effect.
 Flutter is purposefully designed with a thin profile so that it can be used in rooms with low ceilings.
Dramatic: Users can install a single unit for a simple, uncluttered look, or in a cluster for a dramatic effect. As Flutter is available in 3 sizes users can achieve further depth and beauty to the arrangement by installing different sizes at different heights. 
Functional: Flutter’s ‘open’ design allows light to project across a room and not just downwards like other lights. This makes it particularly useful in rooms where people congregate and sufficient lighting is required

Product Specifications

Colours: Pearl white
Dimensions: Small ~Dia20xH8cm, Medium ~Dia40xH10cm, Large ~Dia60xH13cm 
Weight: Small ~0.3kg, Medium ~0.8kg, Large ~2.0kg
Materials: Mild steel

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