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The Perspective memoboard is a wall-mounted memoboard and organiser that uses the optical illusion of forced perspective to appear to 'project' from the wall. Being made of steel Perspective can be used with the supplied magnets to hold messages and reminders on its front surface, and its hidden rear shelf provides suitable storage for mail and stationery.



Stay on top of things with this novel, inventive wall-mounted noticeboard.

Get organised:
  • Use the supplied rod magnets to hold and display notes, to-do lists, messages, coupons, flyers or business cards
  • Use the supplied disc magnet to hold heavier items or a set of keys
  • Use the hidden shelf to hold mail, notepads, pens or whatever you want


Functional: The magnetic front surface allows for quick and convenient note organisation, whilst the rear hidden shelf provides easy-access storage of notepads, stationery and pens. (Supplied with 1 super strong neodymium disc magnet and 3 super strong neodymium magnets).
Optical Illusion: By design the sloping left and bottom surfaces make the Perspective memboboard appear as if it is being “projected” from the wall.
Easy-to-Install: Supplied with all required wall fixings.

Product Specifications

Colours: Black, red
Dimensions: ~L42 x H12 x D4cm
Weight: ~1.15kg
Materials: Powder coated mild steel

Note: "Seconds" (i.e. B-Grade) are products that have small cosmetic flaws, e.g. small dirt particles in the paint coating, light scratch marks, small dents, slightly non-uniform/patchy paint in one or two areas, etc. Though the "seconds" have cosmetic flaws they function just as well as the standard, good product. 
Seconds are sold in unlabelled, B-Grade packaging. For example, the packaging may be torn, marked or soiled.

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