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by HeadSprung

STACKED Coffee Table (Wood)

£999.99 GBP


Stacked is a range of tables inspired by cards casually piled in a heap. Its design breaks away from the customary rectangular or circular table shapes, thus offering a novel, playful aesthetic. The clean lines and contemporary styling that characterise the range make it perfect for both formal and informal settings.

This wooden version is a smart and stylish alternative that celebrates the beauty and unique characteristics of 3 different wood species – Maple, Oak and Walnut. Each layer of the table is made of a different species of wood, allowing for up to 6 different colour combinations.



Stacked is lovingly hand crafted in the UK and is available in flat-pack or fully assembled formats. The standard version is suited for domestic use, whilst the commercial version is designed for high-traffic, more demanding environments.

Did you know:
  • Contrary to its appearance, the layers of wood are fixed in place, so they cannot slide or move
  • Each layer is displaced by just the right amount to showcase the beautiful and varied colour and grain structure of each wood species
  • Stacked is perfect in both domestic and commercial settings


Smart Casual: Stacked's playful, haphazard styling combined with it's clean lines, luxurious use of materials and craftsmanship make it ideal for offices, receptions or even domestic settings.
Freedom of Choice:
 The Stacked Table is designed to offer a variety of colour options, simply by changing the sequence of each layer of wood. The 3 different layers can be reordered to give 6 different colour combinations.

Expertly Crafted: Stacked is made in the UK by craftsmen of the highest calibre.
Flat Pack: Stacked is supplied in flat-pack form, or fully assembled.
Versatile: Suitable for contract, hospitality, work, leisure and domestic markets.
Customisable: Custom shapes and sizes available on request. Minimum quantities apply.

Product Specifications

Dimensions:  ~L115 x W60 x H36cm 
Weight: ~
Wood Species: Maple, Oak, Walnut

This item is made-to-order. Production times are usually 6-10 weeks. Please contact us for details.