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by HeadSprung

TERRACE Coffee Table

£2,999.99 GBP


Terrace is a range of wooden furniture that reference terrace farming practices widely utilised in mountainous regions of the Far East and South America. The range merges art and function, with the ‘terraces’ carved out of the wood to form smooth, sweeping contours that imbue a beautiful sculptural quality to each piece. The play of light and shadow along the winding surfaces only serve to accentuate the stunning features furthermore.

The Terrace Table is a novel alternative to the usual, linear, flat designs.  Meandering across its centre is a beautifully crafted mountain range with terracing along its length. On each side of the ridge are flat expanses (at different heights) that provide practical work areas.



The Terrace Table comes in a flat pack design, and can be easily assembled within minutes. It is available in a range of different wood species, each of which has its own characteristic colour and grain structure that adds an interesting and unique personality to each piece.

Did you know:
  • Terrace is the perfect statement piece for any room or commercial setting
  • The 2 large, flat surfaces provide ample space for work or storage
  • As you walk around the table light and shadow advance and retreat along the terrace contours, highlighting its sculptural beauty 


Stylish: The elegant shape and carved details make the Terrace Table a stunning focal point of any room.
 The two large, flat surfaces accommodate an A3 sheet of paper, comfortably providing areas for work or the placement of objects.

Flat Pack: Terrace is supplied in a flat-pack form, and can be assembled in less than 2 minutes.
Expertly Crafted: Terrace is made in the UK using a combination of computer controlled machinery and human craftsmanship.
Versatile: Suitable for contract, hospitality, work, leisure and domestic markets.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: ~L128 x W92 x H37 cm
Weight: ~15kg
Wood Species: Sapele, Oak, Walnut

This item is made-to-order. Production times are usually 6-10 weeks. Please contact us for details.