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by Dovetailors

TRIPOD Trestle Table Legs (Pair)

£539.99 GBP


The Tripod Trestle Table Legs are designed and made by one of our design partners, Dovetailors. They are a bespoke furniture maker based in West Yorkshire.

Every element of the Tripod Trestle Legs are selected and constructed with attention to beauty and strength. Dovetailors hand-select the 2.5” thick solid wood from which the legs of the trestles are cut. They are tapered and parts of the rail are hand-planed and hand-carved.

Dovetailors has chosen the traditional jointing technique of loose tenon, which they have reinforced with steel for sturdiness and durability. In addition to the inherent stability of any tripod design, Dovetailors has built micro-adjusting bespoke stainless steel glass supports into the trestle legs, which will deal with the most uneven floor surfaces, including flagstones and old floorboards.



The trestles are hand-finished in Osmo Polyx Hardwax-Oil in clear satin. This finish has been chosen because it is made from natural oils and waxes, and is breathable and clear. This allows the true colour and character of the wood to shine through. And, it is hard-wearing and water-resistant, giving a family-friendly.

Did you know:
  • Tripod is the perfect statement piece for your home office, kitchen or dining room
  • The Tripod can be used with most flat, worktop surfaces, including glass, wood and metal
  • The Tripod table can be easily dismantled and re-assembled when you need a bit extra space 


Stylish: Elegant and simple design which is easy to maintain.
Stable: Tripod is designed for stability and long-life. It uses 2.5” thick solid wood legs for robustness and sheer beauty.
Sturdy: Traditional loose tenon re-enforced with steel jointing for strength.
Clever: Fitted with micro-adjusting bespoke stainless steel glass supports to deal with the most uneven floor surfaces.
Approved: Stamped with Dovetailor's logo for authenticity.

Product Specifications

Trestle Dimensions (Individual): ~L82 x W44 x H73 cm
Weight: ~25kg
Wood Species: Sapele, Oak, Walnut
Quantity: Sold as a pair

1. This item is made-to-order. Production times are usually 4-6 weeks.
2. We are no longer able to supply a glass tabletop with our trestle legs. However, this can be easily purchased from your local glass retailer, or other online stores. We recommend 10mm thick, toughened glass.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.