WIRED Shoe Rack (B-Grade)

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Wired is a simple and minimalist wall-mounted shoe rack that is designed to be functional in use, but unimposing when free from shoes. It elevates shoes off the floor, organising them in an efficient manner and making space for other items. Wired holds up to 3 pairs of men's shoes or 4 pairs of women's shoes.



The Wired shoe rack is understated but efficient in storing your shoes.

Install units in:
  • The hallway to neatly store the whole family's shoes on the wall and out of the way
  • The utility room to keep the space tidy of shoes
  • The walk-in wardrobe to hold and display shoes in a neat and ordered fashion


Functional: Women's high-heel shoes are held facing outwards, allowing for quick identification of each pair. Men's shoes (and women's flat heel shoes) are held in a cantilever style.
Practical: Wired's wall mounted design gives unobstructed access to floor space under the rack for easy cleaning. 
Thoughtful: The supplied plastic back guard eliminates any chance of dirty shoes marking or staining your walls.
Clever: Wired's 'open' design and the minimal surface contact it has with shoes improves air flow around the rack, allowing wet shoes to dry quicker.
Easy-to-install: Wired is supplied with plugs and screws (suitable for masonry wall).
Expandable: The modular design means you can install multiple racks on a wall to provide efficient shoe storage.

Product Specifications

Colours: Chrome
Dimensions: ~L70xH15xD7.5cm
Weight: ~1.0kg
Materials: Chrome plated mild steel

Note: "Seconds" (i.e. B-Grade) are products that have small cosmetic flaws, e.g. small dirt particles in the chrome plating/paint coating, light scratch marks, small dents, slightly non-uniform/patchy paint in one or two areas, etc. Though the "seconds" have cosmetic flaws they function just as well as the standard, good product. 
Seconds are sold in unlabelled, B-Grade packaging. For example, the packaging may be torn, marked or soiled.

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